lundi 21 février 2011

Happy Mailbox

I received lots of amazing mail this week as well :)

A Tea-rific swap from Japan (and I have already tasted some of the teas which are delicious)

I also received a letter from Iran and address labels that I had ordered on Etsy. Labels that you will see on my next letters to you :)

And here are 2 letters: 1 from the Netherlands and the other one from the USA.

And another letter from the USA :)

And to finish the week on a sweet note, I received this Candy Swap from Germany.

Thanks to another week of mail, I am now absolutely late with answering my letters but I'll try to do my best and answer most of the letters this week before other letters start getting here again.


samedi 12 février 2011

Happy Mailbox [2 weeks for 1]

Here is not just a week of Happy Mailbox but 2 weeks as I totally forgot to post the pictures of last week's happiness :)

WEEK #1:

I received my amazing Boots that I bought in the Sales (Yes I really needed them ^^) and 2 books to add to my collection. I am now reading "Breaking Dawn" by the way.

I also got a swap called "French Themed Swap" and 2 amazing letters from my sweeties: 1 from Denmark (I love love love the envelope) and 1 from Germany :)

WEEK #2:

It was a quiet week regarding mail (well I also received some books that I had ordered and a jacket that I bought in the sales but I don't want you to think that I am addicted to online shopping cause I am not)... Now that's said...

I received a "Simple Tea Swap" from Sweden and 2 amazing letters: 1 from the UK and 1 from Germany which totally made my day yesterday and I totally loooved reading it.

Well, I hope next week will be as quiet (if not more) so that I can find some time to catch up on my letters cause I haven't forgotten my New Year's Resolution =]


jeudi 3 février 2011

Happy Swapping

As I have already mentioned it earlier on my blog, Swapping is something that I like doing.
It's not always about sending fat mails and big packages, swapping is more than that. The main element of Swapping is actually sharing a part of who you are, a part of the world you live in.
Which is why I have subscribed to a swap named: Support your partners' blogs. In order to support them, I have decided to write a post about their blogs :)

My first partner is Veronica from Italy who is currently studying as an Erasmus student in Romania.
Her blog is called "Erasmus in Romania" and she shares there bits and pieces of her life in Bucharest as an Erasmus student. All the posts are written both in English and Italian so that everybody can understand her, how clever is that?
As I have been an Erasmus student myself, I really love to read about others' experiences as well so having her as my partner really makes me happy.
You should all definitely have a look at her blog: ERASMUS IN ROMANIA

My second partner is Holly from Florida (USA). She is a crafty person (and a very talented one). As I am not at all a crafty person it's always nice to see other people's ability in doing so :) So whether you're a crafty person and want to get inspiration from Holly or you're just like me, impress by what other people can do, then you should visit Holly's Blog: INK STAINED THOUGHTS

Happy Swapping