samedi 2 juin 2012

O.P.I Gargantuan Green Grape...

More like minty/Apple-y actually... Grape doesn't actually look that way here in France but I do love the name of it, don't you? 

I ordered this nail polish together with a few others on on May 5th and received my order on May 29th so that's about 3 weeks if you don't count all the May bank holidays that we had this year. 

I paid 5.70$ for this O.P.I nail polish so I really couldn't not get it as in France, O.P.I polishes cost more than 15€ each!

After putting the first coat on my nail, I wasn't really convinced by this shade and a bit disappointed. It looked very sheer when I thought it was opaque and a lot more creamy. I kept applying it though and after the 3rd coat -even though I hate polishes that need more than 2 coats to look opaque on the nail - I actually started loving the color. 

I also wanted to try my White Polka Dot polish by Nubar so I put one coat on my middle finger nail but I am now remembering that I actually bought this polish to put on my darker nail polishes. 

Here are the product that I used to do my Gargantuan Green Grape nails. I absolutely love the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat, it does dry your nail nearly instantly!

My overall opinion on this O.P.I shade: After 3 coats, the color looks really great and I really love it. Though I really don't like, as I already said, polishes that need 3 coats to look opaque on my nails. But I think I can live with that cause the color looks amazing.

I would also love to try Navigate Her by Essie and Hey! Get in Lime by O.P.I as I would love to have a greener polish than this one to actually go with my new ballerina shoes.

Well, looking at it now, Gargantuan Green Grape isn't such a bad match :]