samedi 24 mars 2012

A Zalando moment :)

Do you know what is the best part of private Sales?! When you order the product and see you have more than 50% of discount on the product, you're all excited and then time passes and you forget about your order because private sales always take weeks to be dispatched... 

And then out of the blue you receive a package and you're like "I haven't ordered anything recently"... and this is when you realize "OMG! My Zalando order!!!" and for me, this is the best part! 

So here are my new shoes for the summer. I am already in love with them. I got them for 25€ instead of 49,90€ so it's a really great deal, don't you think? 

Apart from my beautiful shoes that I got this morning, my mailbox has been empty for the last 2 weeks but I won't complain as I know this is all my fault as I haven't been writing a lot lately but I'm planning on doing a bit of writing this morning and maybe tomorrow. So, if you're waiting for a letter from me, please be patient. 

By the way, have you ever bought on Zalando? the standard online shop or the private one? what's your experience? Do you know the brand Xti? 

mardi 13 mars 2012

Mail Day: weeks of mail :]

So, it's been a while, right?! 
My mailbox hasn't exactly been full in the past weeks so I thought I'd post something when I actually have some mail to show so here we go starting with some Etsy orders that I received last week. 

This one if from the Etsy Store Vintage Tag... I was a bit disappointed by the shopping experience as she made me pay more than 10$ of shipping fees and even though I asked her if she could lower her fees a bit, she didn't answer my message.  As you can see on the envelope, we are far from the 10$ that I pay her for shipping the package. 

But Thankfully, on Etsy you also have amazing people who send the best packages and make their customers happy 100% of the time :) La Papierre offers some really great stationary that are really worth the price! I could buy from this store every week, just for the pleasure of having mail from Julie in my mailbox :) 

So now come the letters that I have received since my last post...

A letter from Italy that will be answered very soon for a special friend who is celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday my dear!

And here are 6 more letters from my amazing friends, coming from: Belgium, Croatia, Brazil, Peru, USA & Germany! 

Happy Mail Day to everyone ;)