mardi 13 mars 2012

Mail Day: weeks of mail :]

So, it's been a while, right?! 
My mailbox hasn't exactly been full in the past weeks so I thought I'd post something when I actually have some mail to show so here we go starting with some Etsy orders that I received last week. 

This one if from the Etsy Store Vintage Tag... I was a bit disappointed by the shopping experience as she made me pay more than 10$ of shipping fees and even though I asked her if she could lower her fees a bit, she didn't answer my message.  As you can see on the envelope, we are far from the 10$ that I pay her for shipping the package. 

But Thankfully, on Etsy you also have amazing people who send the best packages and make their customers happy 100% of the time :) La Papierre offers some really great stationary that are really worth the price! I could buy from this store every week, just for the pleasure of having mail from Julie in my mailbox :) 

So now come the letters that I have received since my last post...

A letter from Italy that will be answered very soon for a special friend who is celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday my dear!

And here are 6 more letters from my amazing friends, coming from: Belgium, Croatia, Brazil, Peru, USA & Germany! 

Happy Mail Day to everyone ;)

8 commentaires:

  1. Thats a shame you had a bad experience on etsy, I used to read the forum and people said they charge for the postage, stamp and gas to go to the post office... personally I think why not walk!?

    Its great to get some lovely mail otherwise :)

  2. I'm happy to see your posting again :) I haven't ever bought from Etsy but I'm sorry for that woman being so rude! :/

  3. I've been lucky enough that all of my shopping experiences on Etsy have been great. La Papierre is my absolute favorite shop on there :) I tend to buy every month or two... <3 Glad to see you posting again, Oli!

  4. Oli, I was just thinking that I have enough stationery for the rest of my life, and now you had to talk about Julie's shop :D I love love love it and now I have to buy something :))

  5. Thanks for the bday wishes dearest! :-) Love all this mail week! And oh, I looove ETSY but never bought there! You'll have to suggest me some great pages^^

  6. Sooo glad to know that my package made you happy! :D

    And seriously, $10 for something that didn't even cost $5 to mail?! Shipping is already expensive enough, no need to "steal" from the customers! :P

  7. GORGEOUS mail! Super jealous!

    - K.