samedi 25 février 2012

A package Mail Day

This week I receive a few packages - I actually got 2 of them today as I had to go to the post office earlier this morning to pick them up. Thus, I decided to make a special Package Mail Day =]

The first package I received was from one of my dearest penpal in Germany. Inside this package were a notebook and a CD. 

Here is a picture of the first page of the notebook :) 

My penpal had the greatest idea and we decided to make a "100 questions' notebook project". Each of us writes down 100 questions that they want to ask the other in a notebook and send it out to the other. I have sent her mine and she sent me hers so now what I have to do is decorate the notebook, answer the questions, illustrate my answers... I now have to unleash my inner creativity! I will also be doing this project with my sweet Twinnie. 
If any of you feel like they would love to participate in such a project with me, let me know! 
I will post pictures of the notebook I'm filling in at the moment when it's all done and my penpal has received it. I don't want to post any spoilers! 

Then, today, I went to the post office to pick up 2 packages. One, I was certain of what it was, the 2nd one, I wasn't sure but when I saw the little bow, I knew exactly where it was coming from! 

This very cute package comes from England, from a fellow Blogger who has 2 amazing blogs. Visit her at: Make my Day She actually totally made my day. A while ago, I won an amazing salt & pepper set in one of her giveaways and that's what's in the package. But, what I didn't know is that I also was chosen to receive some amazing ATCs that she created --> Have a look at her blog post!  This was a complete surprise to me. 

The other package was some make-up that I had ordered last weekend. I needed a new foundation and a new powder so I asked for recommendation to a friend and she told me the Healthy Mix from Bourjois would be perfect for me and I have tried it already and it indeed is perfect! Plus, it smells so nice! 

6 commentaires:

  1. That 100 questions thing is such a great idea Oli and I'd totally be up for doing it. If you'd like?
    I take it the mail box and phone booth are the salt and pepper set, they're cool. :)

  2. wow! bourjois products must be amazing! I've never tried it! ;-)
    i'd love to do the 100 questions too! what a luck you won that amazing giveaway! :-)

  3. Yes! So glad that you received it and in one piece too. I hope that you'll enjoy everything.

    The 100 questions is a brilliant idea and a great way to get to know a friend even better.

  4. You are so spoiled by the mail <3 This is the second post I read about people having to go to the post office to pick their packages. Here they just deliver in my house which is great! :P By the way, I love your make up - is Bourjois/Lancome expensive in there? Because here they just may cost like heaven. =S

    Je t'adore choupette <3

  5. Awww, that salt&paper set is AWESOME! and that notebook - great idea!!