samedi 19 mars 2011

What you can / what you can't send in a letter?

I haven't really updated my blog recently due to my crazy life (yes I do have a very entertaining life... no, I'm kidding, I'm just a lazy ***) but there is a subject I want to discuss with you guys.

Do you have any ideas of what can and what can't be sent in a letter to your country? Like for example, you can't send tea to Australia.

I had never thought about things that couldn't be sent to or from France before a few weeks ago when one of my penpals from Croatia received my letter and the envelope had been opened and then the next week, I received as well 2 letters that had been opened but seemed like all the content was still inside.

One of the letters that reached me opened

See how careful people at the post office in France are?! They put the letter in a safe plastic bag so that nothing would get out of the envelope... It says on that plastic bag that the letter reached France already damaged but do they really go through all the mail and carefully put the damaged one in a plastic bag to serve the receiver perfectly? I have some doubts. I'd rather think they are the ones who opened it.

Anyway, it happened twice in the same week and both the letters were carrying tea (one from the UK and one from the US) but the tea bags were still inside so I guess we can send tea to France but why would they open it? Is it because you can only put sheets of paper in a standard envelope? otherwise you should send the letter as a "small package"? so that when they feel like there's something in a flat envelope that shouldn't be, they have to check?!

I feel like, with the time, the weirdest things happen at Post Offices. They have rules that nobody knows about and for God's sake, why can't one send tea to Australia? Do they make bombs with Teabags?!


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  1. I received some totally demaged envelopes too, its a few years ago, but the German post used this plastic bags too. But as the envelopes looked like, I don't know how this could happen. At least at that time also seemed to be all was complete.

    And I only sent tea in a normal envelope 2 times. One letter was demaged and the tea was missing :(, and the second one never arrived :(. So I havn't try to send more tea since that time. Strange thing.

  2. No tea to Australia?! I didn't know about that! Interesting! :) I learnt a couple of weeks ago that it is forbidden to send chocolates/sweets that include toys (like Kinder suprise eggs) to the USA. Obviously such things are forbitten in the US... strange!
    I have never thought of what could be forbidden to send in a letter to specific countries.
    Well, a couple of weeks ago, I attached a small bag of sherbet powder to a letter to the USA, but it never arrived. Thinking about it now, I guess they might have thought I sent drugs with the letter and sorted it out, hehe. Who knows!?

  3. Alright, me again! :D

    I just had a look at the German customs postal site and got the following information that those things are not allowed to send out or receive in/from Germany:

    - weapons
    - pornographic works
    - medicines
    - narcotics
    - food, meat or milk
    - species conservations

    I wonder if "food" means only fresh food or even for example sweets!? I never had problems receiving sweets, hehe.

  4. I Suppose Food is only Fresh Food. As long as you have an expiration date on it, I suppose you can send anything but then we never know ;)

  5. You should check your post office's official website. I'm sure you will find a list of things you can mail to other countries, or rather NOT send. :P

  6. For starters:

    You cannot send plant seeds from America. You cannot send bush meat.
    You cannot send yourself as media mail.