samedi 22 janvier 2011

A movie Weekend

In the bubble where I live, it can sometimes happen that I watch lots of movies in a single weekend. How many movies do I watch in a WE? Well it all depends on the weather, the movies available in the video club down the apartment and whether or not I am at the apartment.

This weekend was pretty productive, if I may use this adjective… 7 movies.

Two of them are French so everyone might not know them. If I had to choose ONE movie, out of all the ones I watched this weekend, the choice would be easy. They were all great in their own style but my favorite and far ahead of all the other is a French movie called “La tête en friche”. The movie was made after the book of the same name, written by Marie-Sabine Roger.

The story is beautiful: a simple man, sweet, nice who isn’t really well-educated and who has been called an idiot by everyone, even his own mother, since he has been born, meets Margueritte (with 2 Ts), a 95-year-old lady with an open mind and a great culture and education. Together, they meet every day in a park, on the same bench and count the pigeons. Margueritte reads to him out loud and thus goes their relationship… 2 completely different persons from 2 completely different backgrounds who meet on a bench and share the love that they have to offer. Margueritte is the grandma we have all had or dreamt of having, she is smart, she is lovely, she is beautiful and all you can wish is sit on that bench and listen to the stories she reads…

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