lundi 17 octobre 2011

2 weeks of mail

The past two weeks haven't really been very active when it comes to receiving letters or mail in general. But even though I have only got 3 letters, I still have some pictures to share with you... 

 Here are 3 letters from: The Netherlands, the US and Canada.

I also received my order from // lots of new Diddl letter pads.

And here are some stamps that I ordered online to embellish your letters. I am a bit fed up with how the stickers from the machine at the post office look (kind of ugly) so from now on you will get nice envelopes with beautiful stamps!

And those are 4 letters that I sent out last Friday. They are going to: the US, Spain and Belgium.

See you next week, with hopefully a lot more mail to share with you.

7 commentaires:

  1. Did you make those two cute envelopes by yourself?? Those stamps are so pretty, I wish we can order stamps here, too, but we can't :( That sucks.. And that Diddl paper - cute cute cute!

  2. Hey Marina :) I made one of them myself (let's see what Muriel thinks of it)... And the other one I got it in a swap and decided to use it as I think my envelopes look plain and boring! I'm now trying to be more creative with them so you might receive something more artsy next time.

  3. I love those stamps!! They looked good on your letter to me hehehe.
    Love ya bestie best!!

  4. I love penpalling too! I have a looooot of enveloppes and writing papers I need to go away. Would you like some? And I also make enveloppes using some cute wrapping paper. Thanks for the visit on my blog! :)

  5. Oh YAY! I love getting and sending mail of all kinds. Maybe you'd be interested in being a penpal, teach me a little about your culture before I go study over there next fall! Just a thought!

    Amelia (frecklessobe from swapbot)

  6. i ve just had a look at your new stamps. ohhhh, i love stamps so much - going to the post office is one of my most expensive shopping tours (besides cowboy and crafting stores, of course). i love the white stamps with the lil cartoon guy, they're really cute. and the pics of france make me feel kinda homesick (well, france has always been kind of home to me, esp. the provence) .... <3

  7. Well, Annie, now I know which stamps I'll use for my next letter to you :) My post office never has nice stamps so I have to buy them online. This summer I went to the post office to get stamps for postcards and the guy told me "do you want nice stamps or standard ones?" and I was hesitating because it was postcards and I needed small stamps and he said "I'm gonna make it easy for you, we don't have nice stamps"! Well, why do you ask?! LOL