lundi 31 octobre 2011

Happy Mailbox =]

I was spoiled with letters this week. I can't remember when was the last time I got that many letters. It made ME and my mailbox very happy :)

Here are some pictures of what was in the mail last week and also some letters that I sent out...

I received a very nice postcard from a dear friend of mine who was traveling in Asia. 

And those are the stamps on the back of the postcard: very beautiful. 

This is Part 1 of the letters I received. They are coming from: Ireland, USA, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Croatia and Finland...

...and here comes Part 2, letters that reached my mailbox on Saturday. This is what can be called a Happy Mail Day. Letters are from: USA (2 of them), Ireland, Taiwan and Spain. 

Those are letters that I sent to Germany and to the USA :) 

And those are the stamps I used on some of the letters I sent out last week!

That should keep me busy for the next coming days. I will try and answer all of your fantastic letters this week. Starting from next week, I'll be more busy again so let's hope I manage to answer all those letters very soon... But apparently, some more letters are on their way to my mailbox so there should be a lot more Happy Mail Days to come =]

7 commentaires:

  1. WOOOW!!! This looks amazing - I hope my mailbox will be happy this week, too. I'm gonna send out a bunch of mail in a minute - I'm about to leave for the post office (need more stamps!!!).
    By the way, which photo prog do u use to combine ur pics? They look pretty nice.
    HAPPY HALLOWEEN from spooky Clear Lake to Paris!

  2. Yay!! ^^ It's so great that you received so many letters =) Now enjoy answering them ;) By the way, where did you get those beautiful stamps?

  3. @Annie - hopefully I'll be answering you this week so your mailbox might be happy soon! And I use Picnik to combine the pictures. Do you know it? It's an online program which is actually kind of great, you can do a bunch of things with it.

    @Charlottte - I bought my stamps online, on the website of La Poste. They never sell nice stamps in the post offices and they have a large range of collection stamps online so I decided to buy them online from now on :)

  4. Oh my, 11 letters in one week!!!!! And all of them look very creative. :D Happy you!!!

    After the last weeks, in which I was spoilt with letters, I had no letters at all last week, which is great as it gives me time to breathe and reply, hehe. :D

  5. @Nina - Yes, 11 letters in a week! I think that's a life record! LOL The good thing is that I can't receive much more mail in the coming days, only 2 or 3 letters as I don't have that much more penpals! haha

  6. I see my letter :) Wow, that cute envelope with teddy bear and pumpkin is the cutest I've ever seen!

  7. Thanks for that tipp - gotta check that out sooooon :) Always interested in new photo tools, for sure. :)