mardi 25 octobre 2011

We all need a laugh, don't we?

I have a very wide sense of humor. Even though I'm a very sarcastic person, I do laugh at most stupid jokes. Like we say in France, I am a very good audience ;)

Do you want to know what makes me laugh the most at the moment? Well, I am going to tell you anyway as it has to be shared with the whole world.

There's this new show on CBS which started a few weeks ago. It's about 2 waitresses who work in a dinner in Brooklyn. Both of them are broke and decided to save money to open up their own cupcake business. The scenarists of this show are definitely amazing. I don't know how they managed to put so many jokes in a 20-minute episode - jokes that are actually funny.

There isn't an episode which hasn't made me laugh yet so I thought I should really share this with you. You definitely should check out this show called 2 broke girls if you haven't done so yet.

Here is a video preview which I hope will make you want to see more of it...

3 commentaires:

  1. Haven't heard about that show. But do you know the English sitcom "Coupling"? I love it, it is sooo funny!!

  2. I haven't heard of "Coupling", I will make sure to check it out :) Thanks Nina!

  3. I'll definitely watch it when I have some free time =)