lundi 24 octobre 2011

Another week of mail =]

And it's Monday again! Where did the time go? It's been flying pretty fast lately, don't you agree?
Well, as it is Monday and there is nothing that I can change about it, let's enjoy the "Mail Day" on Let's be Bubbly =]

Last week, I received a few letters, sent some out (but forgot to take pictures of most of them), made some improvement to my envelopes (or at least tried) and also got a beautiful postcard from the other end of the World. Here it goes...

4 letters coming from: Colombia, Germany, Italy and the US.

A beautiful postcards from my penpal in Malaysia who was traveling in Japan. 

A letter going to Ireland which I hope will make it there soon. 

Another letter currently traveling to Croatia for a very special girl (I'm sorry for spoiling the surprise, hope you will like the envelope though ^^)

And another letter going to Italy. Look at the stamps? isn't it an improvement from the ugly blue stickers at the post office?! 

I'll see you next Monday for another week of mail.

10 commentaires:

  1. Ahhhhh!! Your letter arrived today and I love, love, love, love, love it and the envelope too. >_< The cupcake is soooo adorable....

  2. Yaaayyyyy! I'm glad it arrived and that you loved it :) And see, I'm trying to draw very basic drawings *haha*

  3. Oh! I thought I was already following your blog but obviously not so its a good thing that I came by via swapbot :D.

    I agree about time flying by, before we'll know it the new year will only feels like yesterday that this one was starting.

    Its great to get mail when it finally arrives :)

  4. I am from Swap-bot with the swap "Promoting your blog"! Isn't it great to receive snail like receiving a gift.

    Mrs T

  5. hiya, this is glendas from swapbot, your blog is awesome, have loved reading it,.thank you .love glenda. Ifor some reason i am having trouble with my google account and cant leave comments.,so this is why i am sending you this message so you know that i have read your blog

  6. lucky you,
    how many penpals do you have ?

    Azed from swap-bot "blog swap"

  7. Thank you all for your comments :)
    @ArtLover: I have around 15 penpals, some write regularly, some less regularly!

  8. I like, like, like the new stamps :) A letter from here should still be on its way, maybe it's reached its destination by now and already made ur mailbox happy. talk to you soon!

  9. Hallo! My name is James from the Philippines and I would love to send you something in the mail. This is a now defunct blog, if you'd like to know more about me, you may check out my postcrossing profile at

    My email is

  10. Good mail Days Both coming and going. I strongly agree about the labels the post offices are using instead of stamps they are just ugly.

    JustIngrid - swapbot